August 4, 2016

Soar to the Stars

Bhavana Project prayer flag
Prayer flag by Linda Friedman

Continuing with the Peace series in random order.  In August 2013, artist Linda Friedman completed the 12th flag.  Inspired by a friend's photo of a public sculpture, Linda translated the image to cloth with paint, stitching and beading.  Linda writes, "Because a couple of the beaded stars and the arms of the figures reach beyond the beaded frame, it seems to me as if a movement toward peace reached beyond boundaries of time and space."

The flag reads: Peace is within. Soar to the Stars.

Bhavana Project prayer flag
Linda and her granddaughter

If you are just joining us, this set of prayer flags began in 2009 under the theme "Reflections on Peace".  It is the third set created for the Bhavana Project, which is an ongoing community art work intending to share wishes and aspirations with the wider world.  New participants are always welcome!

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