August 18, 2016

Peace Begins

bhavana project prayer flag
Prayer Flag by Linda A. Miller

More from the Peace series with the flag I created in January 2009 to start off the set.  I used sun imagery and words that inspire me from one of the Vedic peace chants, Sahana.  Traditionally this chant is done between teacher and student to open the teaching session.  The translation reads: "May we be protected and nourished.  May our actions flourish with energy, clarity and friendship.  Peace, peace, peace."  Felt like an appropriate beginning for the theme of "Reflections on Peace".

If you are just joining us, here is a bit of history.  This was the third set created for the Bhavana Project, which is an ongoing community art work intending to share wishes and aspirations with the wider world.  New participants are always welcome!

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