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Making art helps bring us back to our senses by linking heart and mind.  The collaborative Bhavana Project encouraged participants to listen to their inner creative voice.  It has been a joy to watch the project evolve. The Bhavana Project blossomed into an enriching adventure with each person's  thoughtful input. Thank you to everyone for your contributions. Special thanks to Sharon Kagan for her encouragement. 

Set 1 Participants: Linda Miller, Marjorie Beale, Suwon Weaver, Carol Rossi, Chris Dormaier, Sara Cloud, Virginia Wise, Mary Cochran, Gina Gambill with family, Helene Zimmerman, Sharon Kagan with Karen Michaels    (Completed 2006)

Set 2 Participants:
Linda Miller, Debby Everett, Karin Amour, Cindie Wolf, Elizabeth Dailey, Liz Finnerty, Stacy Mora, Janice and Dale Garber, Suwon Weaver, Asya Lesly, Mary Roy, Jeannie Matthewson   
(Completed 2008)

Set 3 Participants: 
Linda Miller, Lahar Goldberg, Sigrid Wagner, Sara Cloud, Cindy Rinne, Elizabeth Dailey with Lori Brody, Debby Everett, Victoria Karno & Kate Matousek, Ann Gray Fallat with Monica Molho, Mary Roy with Cindy Diekema, Cheryl Razmus, Judy Warner, Linda Friedman  (Completed 2013)

Set 4 Participants:  Linda Miller, Judy Warner, Debby Everett, Phil Dynan & Anastasia Nelson, Kate Matousek, Riea Owens, Jean Brantley, Candace Peterson-Kahn, Margot Ettl (Completed 2021)

Santa Fe, NM  2010

Linda A. Miller  is a California artist and yoga teacher.  Linda uses mixed media techniques to create contemporary quilts and fiber art.  In addition to teaching adaptive yoga classes, she leads ongoing stitch circles and creative process workshops.  For more visit: www.lindaamiller.com.

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