August 25, 2016

Peaceful Stitching

bhavana project prayer flag
Prayer Flag by Lahar  Goldberg

More from the peace series... let me take you back to 2009 with Lahar Goldberg's sweet addition.  Lahar: "sometimes we come from another direction than someone else, but we discover that we have a common purpose so we can mingle peacefully and support a common vision, even if we come from a different point of view. Thanks so much for awakening the creative process in me with cloth, thread and color." 

A bit of history if you are just joining us.  This set of prayer flags began in 2009 under the theme "Reflections on Peace".  It is the third set created for the Bhavana Project, which is an ongoing community art work intending to share wishes and aspirations with the wider world.  New participants are always welcome!

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