June 5, 2017


bhavana project prayer flags
Zabriskie Point, CA 2006
We are revisiting the first set of flags.  Here we come to the last addition to the group, with the piece by Sharon Kagan and Karen Michaels from November 2006.  As you may remember, the idea for this project grew out of a creativity workshop with Sharon.  Among inked lines of knitting are these words of inspiration: Yes, integration, peace, sanctuary, vitality, quiet, faith, death, rebirth, glow, and more.

Sharon said, "The journey with the flags was incredible..I chose to use my “knitting” motif as a symbol of the unity of all things.  The writing began with the word “YES”.  And then we wrote all the things we were saying yes to.  It became a conversation with the flags…"

bhavana project prayer flags

bhavana project prayer flags

Here is a bit of history if you are just joining us.  This set of twelve prayer flags began in July 2005.  Each participant chose a personal theme for their flag.  It is the initial set created for the Bhavana Project, which is an ongoing community art work intending to share wishes and aspirations with the wider world.  New participants are always welcome!

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