April 17, 2017


Bhavana Project prayer flags

Here we revisit Carol Rossi's thoughtful addition to the Bhavana Project.  Inspired by her yoga studies, Carol inscribed her flag with "Resurrection" (symbolizing rebirth, renewal).  The string symbolizes everlasting, continuous spirit or soul, Purusa.  The beads symbolize a person's hallmarks in a life, everything that exists and is finite, or Prakriti.

Bhavana Project prayer flags
In process, Montecito, CA

Carol said, "The strands of personalized flags, to me, represent the way we are each individual yet connected by a thread." 

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Retreat Center, Montecito, CA September 2005

Here is a bit of history if you are just joining us.  This set of twelve prayer flags began in July 2005.  Each participant chose a personal theme for their flag.  It is the initial set created for the Bhavana Project, which is an ongoing community art work intending to share wishes and aspirations with the wider world.  New participants are always welcome!

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