October 14, 2015

Sharing the Flags at WQ

I have been invited by Westside Quilters to give a brief talk about the Bhavana Project and prayer flags at their meeting this Saturday, October 17th.  I am happy to have the opportunity to share the project.  Thank you, Westside Quilters!

Bhavana Project Set 1, 2006
Bhavana Project Set 1, 2006.  Photo by Mary Cochran.

As you may know, my journey with prayer flags began over 10 years ago.  Inspired by Tibetan tradition of inscribing prayers or mantras on flags, I created the Bhavana Project as an ongoing group work to acknowledge the goodness in our lives. These flags cross cultural and spiritual boundaries, and are accessible to anyone.  We are in currently process with the fourth set of flags.  For more: the site.

Bhavana Project Set 3, 2010
Bhavana Project Set 3, 2010.  Photo by Elizabeth Dailey.

Westside  Quilters is open to all quilters, and meets quarterly at St. John's Presbyterian Church at 11000 National Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90064.  I am looking forward to the meeting!

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