Bhavana Project prayer flags
Mission Viejo, CA  2006

Through the years Tibetan flags have been used to promote peace, compassion, and wisdom. The inscribed invocations are carried by the wind, spreading good will across the land.  Inspired by this tradition, in 2005 I created The Bhavana Project, a group work to acknowledge and share the goodness in our lives. These flags cross cultural and spiritual boundaries, and are accessible to everyone. 

"What would you create with unlimited resources?" was the question that sparked my initial idea for this project, which developed from a reflective writing exercise in a workshop with Sharon Kagan.   I was encouraged to pursue the idea, and the Bhavana Project was born.

Bhavana (pronounced bhaa-vana) is a Sanskrit word that translates as focused intention, cultivating, manifesting or causing to become.

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Suwon in England 2005

Friends were invited to embellish a flag with personal aspirations using images and/or words.  From 2005 to 2006 the flags traveled around California, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, and England. They were displayed in nature, at retreat centers, in backyards and even at a wedding reception. Some participants were timid about joining, feeling they were "not creative".  In the end, the process revealed unexpected avenues of expression. The project had expanded into a shared experience of discovery and appreciation.  I found it to be an uplifting journey, both as participant and facilitator. 

After the first set was completed, it became clear that this wonderful collaboration needed to continue.  Four sets followed, along with many special subsets.

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Sharon in the Mojave Desert 2006

Bhavana Project prayer flags
Santa Monica Exhibit 2007

The Bhavana Project flags have been exhibited at numerous venues: Santa Monica Yoga, CA 2007; Red Bluff Art Gallery, CA 2007 & 2013; Sound Yoga, WA 2008 & 2009;  Sewing Arts Center, CA 2008; The Vedic Chant Center, NM 2009. 

The project inspired many related prayer flag projects and gift sets over the years.  Though I have now retired this project, I hope the aspiration to share good will will continue.  Enjoy the site!
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Bhavana Project prayer flags
Alta Dena, CA 2010
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