September 25, 2013

Flags in Red Bluff

Bhavana Project Set#1 in Red Bluff Art Gallery
Bhavana Project Set#1 in Red Bluff Art Gallery

All three sets of the Bhavana Project flags are now on show at the Red Bluff Art Gallery located north of Sacramento in Northern California.  This is not the first time flags have appeared there.  Back in 2008, the second set was exhibited within the gallery walls.  Local artist Asya Lesly completed a flag for the project.   I am so pleased that all three sets could be shared with the Red Bluff community.

The Red Bluff Gallery is a busy cooperative, owned/operated by artists and managed by my  friends, Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson.  In addition to the gallery, they sell art supplies, hold events, workshops, and classes, as well as offering photography services.  Check them out at this link.

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