June 18, 2013

August Workshop

For all of you Southern Californians, I will be teaching a special Creative Circle Flag workshop on August 11th in Culver City.  Do you have something to express?  Ready to play with fabric?  Join us!  See the Special Events page on this site for details.

June 7, 2013

Expressive Flags Abound

It's daring not to shut anyone out of our hearts, not to make anyone an enemy.  If we begin to live like this, we'll find that we actually can't define someone as completely right or completely wrong anymore. 
- Pema Chodron from Comfortable with Uncertainty
many prayer flags hanging inside a museum
Prayer Flag Project at Oceanside Museum of Art 2012

Have you taken the time to notice the variety of personal and group projects out there that are based on a theme of prayer flags?  These flags cross cultural and spiritual boundaries in seemingly endless forms.  It pleases me to see them.  Such endeavors link us to the basic goodness found within each one of us.

Here are some recent discoveries:
Spark the Heart is a group flag project begun by Ruth Davis.  Several years ago Ruth invited participants to make flags for a Community Prayer Flag event in downtown Phoenix.  She will be doing something similar soon.  Go to Ruth's site for details.

Fiber artist Regina B. Dunn created a quilt called "Spread Peace" using flag images.  In addition to quilts, Regina also makes prayer flags as an expression of caring.

And of course, there is the ongoing online Prayer Flag Project with creations from people all over the world.  Visit the site to see more.

Please let me know about your favorite projects.  I would be pleased to share them and spread the word!

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