December 19, 2012

In Remembrance

So don't be frightened, dear friend, if a sadness confronts you larger than any you have ever known, casting its shadow over all you do. You must think that something is happening within you, and remember that life has not forgotten you; it holds you in its hand and will not let you fall. Why would you want to exclude from your life any uneasiness, any pain, any depression, since you don't know what work they are accomplishing within you?"

---Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

To read more see my Following the Thread blog post.

November 18, 2012


Things are quiet with the Bhavana Project as we wait for the completion of the last flag of this third set.  So let me take you back to the set's 2009 beginnings with Lahar Goldberg's sweet addition, which is especially poignant after Lahar's sudden untimely death several years ago.  How lucky we are to have this flag as a remembrance.  Lahar shared, "sometimes we come from another direction than someone else, but we discover that we have a common purpose so we can mingle peacefully and support a common vision, even if we come from a different point of view. Thanks so much for awakening the creative process in me with cloth, thread and color." 

October 22, 2012

OMA Exhibits

Over the weekend, a group of us took a trip down to the Oceanside Museum of Art to see the Prayer Flag Project and Quilt National exhibits.  It was fabulous to see what everyone has contributed hanging proudly in the lobby area!  I hope you get a chance to visit before it closes at the end of December.

And the Quilts are not to be missed either!

October 15, 2012

OMA Prayer Flags

May We Feel Safe
The OMA Prayer Flag Project exhibit opened at the Oceanside Museum of Art on Saturday. I was not able to attend the opening, but intend on going in the near future.  Here are some photos from the evening as posted on the Prayer Flag Project blog.  The flags will be on display in the museum lobby through December.  This exhibit runs concurrent with Quilt National and Fiber Dialogues (these both close on February 12, 2013). Inspired by Quilt National, the flags provided the regional quilting community an opportunity to share prayers and expressions.

September 25, 2012

May We Feel Safe

This flag has gone to the Oceanside Museum of Art for the Prayer Flag Project installation which will open October 14 and run until December 31 during the run of the traveling exhibit from Quilt National 2011.

May We Feel Safe - Linda Miller

I chose the turtle, for while it has a safe haven within its shell, most of the time it moves fearlessly forward in world.  The fabric is hand dyed cotton and the turtle is appliqued.  Hand embroidery detail is added. 

September 17, 2012


For the Prayer Flag Project, here is "Energy" as we make transition from expansive summer to a more inward season with the approach of fall.  May all be well!

The sun was appliqued and hand embroidered. The waves were appliqued and machine stitched.

August 21, 2012

Starting with Peace

While the final flag of the third set is currently in progress, I thought it was a good time to revisit and share the beginning of this group from the Bhavana Project.  In January 2009 I began the set, using sun imagery and words that inspire me from one of the Vedic peace chants, Sahana.  Traditionally this chant is done between teacher and student to open the teaching.  The translation reads: "May we be protected and nourished.  May our actions flourish with energy, clarity and friendship.  Peace, peace, peace."  It seemed an appropriate beginning for the flags' journey under the theme of Peace. 

July 25, 2012

Healing Gift

Healing Flags

I recently organized a group prayer flag project to support my friend, Elizabeth, by asking friends to share their wishes for her healing on a flag.  All were happy to contribute, though some may have felt daunted by the task at first.  In the end it all worked out beautifully, with each person finding a unique means of expression.  I believe I can say that all benefited in some way.  It was a shared connection in the healing process. 


When we gave the beautiful set to Elizabeth, she was deeply touched by each heartfelt expression of love. 

I encourage you to make flags for your loved ones.  It is a wonderful way to share the love!

July 20, 2012

Call to Artists

Check this out!  Share your aspirations by creating a prayer flag and submitting it to OMA’s Prayer Flag installation on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art October 14 through December 31, 2012.  Artists are invited to design a unique flag made of fabric or other materials reflecting their hopes and dreams. Flags, approximately 5" x8", need to arrive at the museum by September 21.  See details at the Prayer Flag Project blog.

June 30, 2012

Everything Changes

This flag for the Prayer Flag Project was made as a reminder 
that everything does indeed  change.  
That is the one thing we can count on in this life, is it not?!

June 20, 2012


This flag from the Prayer Flag Project is about finding some inner peace...

Art and aspiration linked together.  My favorite creative form.

June 15, 2012


This seemed an opportune time to revisit Elizabeth Dailey's flag "Listen to the Silence" from 2007.  She is on a healing journey now post surgery, and stillness can be a part of that path.  May her healing continue to go well.

This from Richard C. Miller seemed appropriate: "We live typically identified with two types of silence, and yet in being, we can realize ourselves as a third. We may have yet to recognize the third even though it’s our “nearest.” The first we know as the absence of external sound, when everything is silent around us, within our external environment. The second we know when our thoughts momentarily subside, and we fall into the restfulness of our heart, abiding as the naturalness of just being, when everything grows silent within our internal environment. The third, and most precious, arises when we realize that everything, internally and externally, is a movement “in” our awareness, including silence, which itself is but a temporary, or passing state of consciousness."

June 11, 2012

May You Be Healed

This prayer flag is for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Elizabeth Dailey, who is having surgery today.  Send her your good wishes.  May the healing begin.

May you be healed...May you be whole...

June 4, 2012

Joined the Party

Bhavana Project - Sets 2 and 3,  June 2012

The flags were a festive addition to my garden party this week. Partially due to that visibility, the newest and last participant for this set stepped up!  (Each set consists of 12 flags.)  My friend Cloud Backus, a special ed teacher from Pasadena, now has the flags in her possession.  Looking forward to seeing what she will create.

May 24, 2012

How It Came To Be

Peace to all who enter here - Judy Warner

Read what Judy Warner writes on her blog about the process of making the flag.  She also talks about the origins of the Peace Pole that is shown in one of the photographs....

May 22, 2012

Peace to All Who Enter Here

The flags have returned from Judy Warner in New York state. I was deeply moved by the image and her intention.  Judy shared with me that she drew on her Irish roots for this flag in choosing the celtic knot design - a symbol of peace. She wrote,  "the script, Peace to all who enter here, simply filled my mind and heart when I meditated on the theme".  The beads symbolize tears of hope.

Thank you so much, Judy, for your thoughtful contribution!

Flags with Peace Pole

Flags in New York state

May 9, 2012

108 Buddhas Project

I recently found out about The 108 Buddhas Project by artist Bronwyn Simons from British Columbia.  Over the course of one year, she will make 108 images of the Buddha, and documenting both the contemplative art making process, and the physical process of creating ceramics.  As a community project, she will also create small Buddhas for others to adopt, and put out in a place of our choice reminding all of us of our basic goodness.  Such a lovely idea!  I find the group connection so it has been for the Bhavana Project.  Sharing all facets of our life with kindness.  I am happy to find more of these community projects blossoming out in the world.
Read about Bronwyn's project on her blog.

May 7, 2012

Heading to New York

The Bhavana Project flags are winging their way to Judy Warner, a fiber artist living in upstate New York.  Judy and I connected via SAQA's Visioning Project several years back.  I look forward to her thoughtful input on the 11th flag of this project's third set.

April 30, 2012

Is it?

Peace - for the Prayer Flag Project

Answering the question, is peace possible?  Yes, peace is possible.  Stop, breathe, listen, and you will find it within yourself.

April 23, 2012

Only One...

Photo and Flag by Cheryl Razmus

 Photos are in from Cheryl Razmus of her fabulous flag!  Her words "Only one world. Only one cloth. Mend it and make it whole again" work beautifully with how she embellished image details on the cloth.  She told me she had a great time with the process.  Thank you so much, Cheryl, for sharing your creative vision with us and the Bhavana Project!  Take a look at Cheryl's blog to see more of her fine work.

Cheryl Razmus and the Flags

Photo and Flag by Cheryl Razmus

April 13, 2012

Sharing from the Heart

Many of you know that I contribute to another project, The Prayer Flag Project.  Today Jamie Fingal has added some flags that speak of grief over the loss of her parents.  I encourage you to visit that site, there are some amazing contributions. 

April 9, 2012

Flags' Spring Progress

I have sent flags on to Cheryl Razmus. Cheryl, a retired teacher and artist living near Chicago, and I have been online friends.  We connected during one of Jane LaFazio's superb online sketch classes, which I highly recommend.  Looking forward to seeing what wonders Cheryl will create on the flag!

An interesting side note, Jane is now managing The Prayer Flag Project blog in place of Vivika DeNegre.  As you know,  I also contribute to this project.  Love all the flag connections!

While we wait, here are photos from flag #12 of the prayer flag set that completed in 2008.  Jeannie Matthewson's "Peace" image (along with Debby Everett's flag) became the inspiration for the current set.  The first two sets had no overall theme, each person was free to choose.  It seemed a good time to try something new with the start of the third set in 2009, thus Reflections on Peace came into being.

March 16, 2012

Wishes for Beginnings

As some of  you know, I also participate in another group work The Prayer Flag Project, started by Vivika DeNegre.  Shown above is my most recent contribution, Auspicious Beginnings.  Click to read the post.

March 12, 2012


Mary Roy and Cindy Diekema created a beautiful, energetic flag for the Peace themed set of the project.  Cindy tie dyed the center, and Mary embellished it.  Thank you both for a special collaboration!  This set is very close to completion, with only three more flags to go....

The flags head to the midwest and Indiana in early April, where Cheryl Razmus will add her creative touch to the set....stay tuned!

March 1, 2012

More Expressions

Asya Leslie, a Northern California fiber artist, joined the Bhavana Project in 2008.  I hope you enjoy her wonderful contribution shown below.  And meanwhile, the current set is still in progress!

January 23, 2012

2008 Revisited

I recently sent the flag set to Mary Roy.  This will be Mary's second time around with making a flag.  She first participated in the fall of 2008 with the expressive piece shown below.  Mary is a multi talented writer, artist, designer and curator at the gallery Loft 204 in Claremont, CA.

I look forward to seeing what Mary, and her co-collaborator Cindy Diekema, will create!

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