Here is a tutorial for a 7"wide x 9"tall flag, with finished seams:

1. Cut 2 pieces to 7.5" by 9.5" in your fabric of choice.

2. With both sections together, sew a 1/4" seam along one of the 7.5" lengths.  Press that seam to one side.  This will be the top of your flag once complete.


3. Turn 1/4" on side of the seam you just finished, and sew 1/2" length either side of seam.  This will create a finished opening for the channel to thread a string through to hang your flag.  Clip below your seam as shown below.

4.  Fold right sides together and stitch 1/4" seam between the dots as shown below along sides and bottom, leaving an opening (about 4") to turn the flag once sewn.  Press in 1/4" seam at the bottom openings.  Trim corners and turn inside out.  Press.

Press bottom seam in
5.   Top stitch close to sides and bottom of the flag.  Stitch across 1/2" from the top (this will be your channel). Your flag is done!

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