How to Participate

It is easy to join in this project.  Each set consists of twelve 7" x 9" flags.  No sewing or artistic experience is needed...only the desire to share an aspiration with the world.  I make and add a blank flag to the set for each new participant in turn, allowing that person to see what was created by those who came before. As the set grows, it gives a sense of interconnectedness with the group.

You can participate on your own, or with a group of friends or family.  There is no set completion time, some have taken a month and some have taken longer.  Before returning finished flags, I ask that the set/flags be photographed in an environment of your choice.  I use the photos for posting and documenting purposes.
Email me with your questions or interest in making a flag. I hope you will join us.

I am exploring the possibility of expanding the participation process in the future for those who want to make their own individual flag that would be joined to a set at a later date.  I am always looking into more exhibition venues for the completed sets to share them with a larger audience.  So stay in touch for more to come!

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