July 28, 2014

Prayer Flags at Threads of Awakening

The act of creating is a healing gesture,
as sacred as prayer, as essential to the spirit as food to the body.
~ Jan Phillips

prayer flag workshop

What an enriching experience it was teaching flag making at Leslie Rinchen Wongmo's studio in Oxnard over the weekend!  The group arrived enthusiastic and interested, driving in from Ojai and as far away as San Diego.   I love how each group I work with adds something new to the mix

prayer flag workshop
The space awaits....

We began with some reflective exercises to help bring our bodies and attention to being present and open.  Following some creative warm ups, it was on to fun flag making with mixed media.  Working at their own pace, everyone seemed to enjoy the process using paint, buttons, feathers, glue, thread and more.  Lively conversation ensued as we got to know each other. 

prayer flag workshop
Sue absorbed in work...

prayer flag workshop
Sara, Bernice and Leslie... time for photos

 Each person brought their own vision to the process...   

prayer flag workshop
Wonderful bursts of color...

prayer flag workshop
A special turtle...

prayer flag workshop
Rich collage and delicate drawing...

prayer flag workshop
Space, flight and sky

prayer flag workshop

Thank you Ladies, for choosing to spend your Saturday making art.  A big Thank You to Leslie for graciously welcoming us to the wonderful Threads of Awakening Transformative Arts space

Leslie and I with Bhavana Project flags

The flags seem a natural fit for the space.  Look for more flag workshops at the studio coming in the future.

Threads of Awakening Studio
Studio door

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