July 25, 2012

Healing Gift

Healing Flags

I recently organized a group prayer flag project to support my friend, Elizabeth, by asking friends to share their wishes for her healing on a flag.  All were happy to contribute, though some may have felt daunted by the task at first.  In the end it all worked out beautifully, with each person finding a unique means of expression.  I believe I can say that all benefited in some way.  It was a shared connection in the healing process. 


When we gave the beautiful set to Elizabeth, she was deeply touched by each heartfelt expression of love. 

I encourage you to make flags for your loved ones.  It is a wonderful way to share the love!


  1. Such a magical idea. I send prayers for your friend.

  2. She loved the flags and is doing well, too! Thanks, Teri.


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