June 15, 2012


This seemed an opportune time to revisit Elizabeth Dailey's flag "Listen to the Silence" from 2007.  She is on a healing journey now post surgery, and stillness can be a part of that path.  May her healing continue to go well.

This from Richard C. Miller seemed appropriate: "We live typically identified with two types of silence, and yet in being, we can realize ourselves as a third. We may have yet to recognize the third even though it’s our “nearest.” The first we know as the absence of external sound, when everything is silent around us, within our external environment. The second we know when our thoughts momentarily subside, and we fall into the restfulness of our heart, abiding as the naturalness of just being, when everything grows silent within our internal environment. The third, and most precious, arises when we realize that everything, internally and externally, is a movement “in” our awareness, including silence, which itself is but a temporary, or passing state of consciousness."

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